Micro-Influencer Marketing – The Best Way To Boost Your Instagram Followers!

Influence marketing has begun with celebrity endorsement and marketing. However, celebrities are paid by different brands to endorse their product for them. Though a few big promotions may work well with celebrity marketing, it does not stand near the mass-market advertising. Moreover, people may not find a reliable connection between the brand and celebrity marketing, so the consumer will trust a celebrity’s words if he or she does not use the endorsed product by them.

Macro-influencer may have around 10000 to a million followers by focusing on the niche of the company. Small businesses and marketing firms should engage with micro-influence marketing as it will help them connect with their audience productively. Here is the top reason why you need a micro-influencer for your Instagram account.

  • Higher Conversion Rate

When a micro-influencer advertises your product and monetizes its following, you are assured of seeing an improvement in conversion rate. However, most Micro-Influencers are specialized in their fields, such as travel and lifestyle, gadgets, and tech. Their reviews on the topic are considered genuine and trustworthy by their Instagram followers.

Hence, Micro-Influencer will drive organic traffic to your site and increase your conversion rate. If you decide to work with a Micro-Influencer like https://biglik.es in a particular niche will provide you better conversion rates than promoting your brand on bigger influencers’ platforms.

  • Better Engagement Rates

One of the best parts of Micro-Influencers is that they have a healthy and active relationship with the followers who engage in the content they generate. Moreover, being on a small level influencer helps you to keep things comparatively personal. Usually, they work in profoundly vocal and active niche groups with Instagram followers who are daily responding to post on Instagram blogs.

The followers are more often interested in the content of the micro-influencer and take the suggestions seriously. Thus, micro-influencers have tremendously built their trust in the potential audience. Moreover, you can also take the help of biglik.es because it will provide you with organic Instagram followers and likes to boost up your Instagram profile.

  • More Affordable

The majority of micro-influencers are ordinary people who love to surf their social media as a habit alongside their jobs. Thus, the company can carry out its work at more affordable rates than macro-influencers and celebrities. However, brands work along with micro-influencers at the cost of free samples in some cases. Some of the influencer marketing platforms offer a market with quite a low-cost operation.

With the database of thousands of micro-influencers who have signed to work to the platform, companies develop several proposals for the micro-influencer, whether it is free product early access to something, a discount, or small cash down payment. If an influencer wants to be part of the operation, apply and choose the brand with whom they want to work. Moreover, your company may have to pay a nominal fee for subscription and become a member of an influencing marketing platform. However, you will still have to pay lesser than marketing with celebrities and macro-influencers.

Thus, taking micro-influencer services will help you build a business with an engaging and active audience, which can later turn into your potential customers.

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