It is a pleasant, on a Sunday, and you are hoping to catch up with your Instagram accounts. The moment you click on the site on your own computer, and from the blue, you have the dreaded”Site 5xx error” page.There are errors you will encounter when you surf sites that are popular like Instagram. The […]

For those who have been seeing little blue checks popping up alongside some of your favourite Instagrammers’ names on the giant that is societal, you may be wondering what they are. The answer is simple: These are where account holders may show their Instagram profile is the legitimate representation of themselves, accounts that have gone

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If you will need a helping hand with your profile, then consider buying Instagram likes and followers from BigLik.esWe chose to create an infographic that highlights all.Instagram’s popularity is increasing at an alarming rate. The amount of consumers on the social network continues to increase as does engagement. Many marketers were not sure how to

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